9 DIY Ideas For Self-Isolation

Updated: May 20, 2020

For those who are used to getting out and about, self-isolation can be a huge lifestyle change. In these uncertain times, no one knows how long we’ll need to stay at home, so why not use the time you have to its fullest? Read those books you’ve been putting off for ages, learn a new language, work your way through those boxsets on Prime or Netflix, or get crafty! Here’s some ideas for DIY projects – big and small – you could do whilst at home. (All links open up in a new window.)

Image source: BHG.com

1. Concrete Planters

If you don’t already have some concrete, it may be one you’ll have to do when the stores are open again, but it’s well worth a go – your garden will soon be full of planters and you’re only limited by your own creativity!

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Image source: Matrimonialmeg.blogspot.com

2. Colourful String Lamps

This is a great one to do with the kids. It’s easy and effective, and you can get most of what you need from any large supermarket. As well as creating the large shades, why not make lots of smaller ones to go on a string of fairy lights? They’d look wonderful strung up in the garden or round a mirror in a bedroom.

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3. Indoor Veg Garden

A great way to start growing your own vegetables in a small space, and a brilliant introduction to children as to where vegetables come from and how not to waste what you have.

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Image source: Thelearnerobserver.com

4. Driftwood Mirror

Living near the coast makes this a particularly great project. Please make sure you’re only going out to get driftwood when it’s safe to do so, and that it’s from a beach that allows you to remove items.

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5. Painted Pebbles

An ever-popular craft for both adults and children alike, there are many groups on Facebook and other social media platforms dedicated to placing and finding these pebbles in various towns and cities. Why not make your own to place around your house and garden for the kids to find, and when restrictions have been lifted regarding walks you can take them out and hide them around your local area!

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Image source: gardenersworld.com

6. Container Water Garden

Don’t have enough room for a pond? Why not create your own miniature water garden in a container. If you have a little more space, you can always create a larger water garden with fish in from old baths, galvanised buckets/barrels or even old wine barrels. (If you’re feeling particularly creative, why not make your container in concrete from the project above and then fill with waterplants?)

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7. Budget Redecoration

Everyone’s mindful of their money at the moment, and you’d be surprised how far even the smallest budget can go when you want to update your home. You don’t need to rip the entire kitchen out and start again; a few touches here and there will change the whole look of the room. A popular way to refresh is by painting your old cupboards and giving them new handles; you can usually find inspiration in both your good old DIY stores and bargain shops.

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Image source: keepingitsimplecrafts.com

8. Firepit

The days are getting longer and hopefully the summer will start bringing warmer evenings. People are going to want to utilise every bit of space they have at home, so why not build your own budget firepit to ensure you can stay out in your garden – no matter how small – for longer.

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9. Plan a Renovation Project

Even if you can’t get hold of materials for any of the DIY projects you want to start, now is a great time to plan them. Whether you want to do something small or are looking for a full renovation or redecoration, the planning goes a long way to ensuring your projects run smoothly. Using inspiration, mood boards and spreadsheets to keep a track of materials and costs, you’ll be ready to start when everything is back open again. Our blog post from last week will help you get those ideas on paper!

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Why not check out our Pinterest board; ‘DIY & Upcycling’ for more ideas? We're always adding new pins!

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