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A Guide To Outdoor Lighting

From deterring any potential intruders to guiding you safely down your garden path and illuminating a seating area to entertain family and friends, outside lighting is an integral part of your outdoor space - but which do you choose? Solar powered or mains powered? For function or design? We list some of the options for you below to give you an idea of what there is and which would suit you best.



All properties are at risk of intruders - especially in remote areas where there is far less street lighting. Security lighting is a initial deterrent/alert system used by many people, and is usually a wall-mounted light (most commonly a floodlight) with different options for activation.

- Motion-detector - passive infrared (or PIR as it is commonly known) is activated when something or someone comes within its field of view, which then turns the light on

- Dusk-til-dawn - lights that detect natural light levels and come on at dusk, staying on until dawn

- Timer/Manual - either set to turn on and off at specific times or switched on and off manually

Illuminating Areas/Guidance

- Wall mounted and sconce lights are ideal for illuminating areas such as your patio or driveway

- Stake and post lights are commonly used to line paths and flower beds as a guiding light to lead to decked areas or sheds etc (as well as highlighting certain plants and shrubs)

- Inset lights are perfect for decking where there are different levels and steps, as they are bright enough to show where the edges are but don't protrude and take up usable space


- Lanterns - these create a structured light source and can be anything from fixed, wall-mounted lantern style lights to storm lanterns of difference sizes placed around the patio or deck.

- Table/Candle - perfect for setting the mood, these are more commonly set on tables as an added light source or insect deterrent (citronella candles) as they don't provide enough light on their own.

- String/Fairy - popular on Pinterest boards for bohemian outdoor weddings or entertaining, string lights are timeless and the more you add, the more the light and atmosphere!

Power Sources:

Mains power - this will provide a constant light for as long as you need it with a simple on and off switch control it. It's powered by the mains circuit in the house so if there isn't already a socket or connection, The Handyman can install a new one for you. Can be limiting to where you can have your lights.

Battery power - provides lighting for a limited time until the battery needs recharging or renewing. These don't need a dedicated power socket and can be moved around the garden whenever you want.

Solar power - these do not need any wiring as they work through the energy that they have stored from the sun during the day. These are ideal for ornamental use as they add a lovely ambiance to your garden through lanterns etc, although the downside is that they are typically not as bright as electric lights and during the darker days don’t get enough light to last very long.

Whatever you decide - contact a professional if you need any help with installation. We can advise you on the best type for your needs, source it for you and install it, hassle-free.

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