• Danni Greenough

Five Ways to Protect Your Fence Against the Elements

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Fences aren’t given enough credit! They’re used as a form of security, a privacy screen, and a way to mark property boundaries, and are so good at their job we often forget to take care of them. They’re exposed to all the elements, and the notoriously changeable English weather can bring heavy rain, winds and sunshine all in one day. With such weather there comes the risk of damage to your fences so we’ve come up with a list of ways to minimize damage and potential costly repairs.

1. Trim back trees and bushes near the fence, as weak branches could fall off and break a fence panel. Large foliage can hide any existing damage so regular pruning and maintenance will ensure you catch any issues before they get too big and weaken the whole fence line.

2. Repair loose posts. Loose posts are unstable and will not stand a chance if there are high winds.

3. Treat the wood with a decent wood preserving stain. This helps protect against potential rot and decay; a rotten fence is a weak one.

4. Make sure the timber used to make the fence is good quality. Check with your timber supplier or tradesman and find out if the pre-made panels or timber come with a guarantee and how long it is.

5. Use the correct type of fence for the position and check that the posts are set suitably deep enough. If you face onto a field with nothing to act as a windbreak, you don’t want a flimsy fence that will fall over at the first gust! Your local tradesman will know their stuff and which is the best option.

Preventing potential damage and very costly bills to not only your fence and property but to your neighbours’ too is important so don’t neglect the maintenance and care! What else do you do to ensure your fences are protected? Leave a comment down below!

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