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How To Save On Your Water Bill

This week is National Water Saving Week, and you'd be surprised how easily you can waste water without even thinking about it as you go about your daily routine. Whether you're looking to become more eco-friendly or just want to save a few pennies, there are plenty of ways you can reduce your usage, and remember - even the smallest change can make a big difference over time!

- Take a shower instead of a bath. This may be old advice but it does have relevance in certain situations. On average, a short, 5 minute shower will use less water than filling a standard bathtub. However, this doesn't take into consideration people who take long showers, or those who have much smaller bathtubs, so you'll need to decide in your particular case.

- If you already use your shower regularly, consider a low-flow shower head. These restrict the amount of water flowing through the head and some even have a 'trickle' feature that allows you to massively reduce the water flow whilst you're lathering up.

- Fix all leaky taps, this could save more than 5,000 litres a year! (And make sure that when you turned the tap off, it really is off - those drips do add up!)

- Turn off taps when not in use whilst brushing your teeth etc.

- Most new toilets come with a dual flush system but if yours hasn't, it's worth looking into. The dual flush allows a short or long option dependant on the waste.

- Install a water butt in your garden to save using fresh water from the tap when watering your garden - also ideal for long hot summers when there's a hosepipe ban.

- Instead of waiting for water to run cold for drinking, keep a water filter bottle/jug in your fridge if you have the room. Not only are you saving water but filtered usually tastes much better than tap!

- Run a full load of dishes in your dishwasher rather than hand washing. Use an 'eco' setting where possible.

- Use your washing machine on a lower temperature. It's recommended to use it at 30 degrees as much as possible - your clothes will be just as clean as they are in hot water and it'll protect more delicate fabrics and colours.

- Insulate your pipes if they haven't already been. This will help them warm up water faster (and retain the heat for longer for future use) so you're not running it for as long.

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