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Making the Most of Your Garden

Recent lockdown restrictions have made those of us lucky enough to have a garden to appreciate it so much more than ever. Now that some of the restrictions are slowly lifting making it possible to go to garden centres, and items are becoming more readily available online now is the perfect time to to utilise the space and get the most out of it.

Bridging the gap between the house and garden

Rather than thinking of the garden as a separate entity, consider it an extension of the house and living space. If you have a spacious garden and want somewhere you can sit all year round in comfort and enjoy the view, consider a conservatory or sun room. This allows you to have an extra room in the house but also brings you closer to the garden, and it's also somewhere you can sit when it's that little bit colder outside.

If you'd rather not go to the expense of an extension or your garden is a little smaller, why not have a section paved or decked and use it as a space for entertaining? Levelling off somewhere to place garden seats and a table means you can bring the comfort outside on those summer evenings when you're enjoying your garden or entertaining friends and family. Decking in a large garden can also really help separate the area for its different purposes - the grassy area for children to play and the decking area for dining and relaxing.

Utilising space efficiently

One of the most important things about gardens is ensuring it does what you want it to. There's no point having a multitude of flowerbeds if you're not a gardener, nor a concrete covered space if you've got children and want them to play on a soft surface. By utilising the space you have - and separating it into dedicated sections if you need to - you can make it work for you.

We've already suggested conservatories and paved or decked areas, but consider exactly what you want from it and work from there. A customer of ours wanted a very low maintenance garden with a small space for their puppy to enjoy so we paved almost all of it except for a section of astroturf for the puppy and a raised deck area to sit on. Another customer had a fairly large garden that was all grass but didn't want any of it left - we worked with a talented garden designer to create a haven for them with raised beds, pergola, paved open seating area and another covered seating area.

Creating different areas is also a great way to keep your space interesting, and this doesn't have to be restricted to larger gardens. Even small gardens can be used for lots of purposes - you just have to get creative! Vertical ladder or pallet planters and hanging baskets mean you can grow plants, vegetables and herbs if you are limited on space but also keep them out of the way of little fingers who may be playing in the garden - now is the perfect time to start a vegetable patch as nothing beats homegrown!

Create features

Even if you're going for a low maintenance garden, you can always create a feature to give it a point of interest. Statuary, ponds, container water gardens (for smaller spaces), water features, fire pits, even something as simple as lighting options - all extras that can give your garden that little extra atmosphere, whether large or small!

Storage solutions

Garden storage is important but not everyone has the luxury of space for a shed. Luckily there are options for people with limited space. Opt for items with multiple uses such as benches with storage underneath giving you a nice seating area as well as somewhere to store your items. Also look at getting dining sets that can fold away or can be stacked on top of each other to allow you to make use of the spaces for other uses such as sunbathing when you are not eating or entertaining.

If you want a barbecue and are limited on space go for a small one with wheels so it can easily be manoeuvred out of the way into the corner when you have finished with it. Another option would be to invest in a multipurpose firepit which is great for outdoor heating but also has a grill to allow you to cook a small barbecue.

Sheds are the most popular solution for tools as they come in a range of sizes, but you've also got stores built for specific purposes, including log stores, bin holders etc.

Whether big or small there is a multitude of options to make your outdoor space work best for you. The Handyman is always here to give you help and advice - from a garden spruce up to a full hard landscaping we can guide you in the right direction to get the most out of your space.

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