The Ultimate Spring Clean Checklist (Part 1 - with Free Printable!)

Friday 20th March is the Great British Spring Clean! Cleaning may be something a lot of people dread but decluttering your home and refreshing your property after the winter months is a great way to get ready for summer parties.

It can seem like a huge undertaking but it’s worthwhile and we’re here to help. We’ve created the ultimate checklist for you, and even have free printable versions for you so you can work your way through them – ticking things off will help with that sense of completion!

A spring clean is also a perfect time to work your way through all your belongings and get rid of anything you no longer need or want, out of date food, clothes that no longer fit etc. Doing this before you start the cleaning means you won’t have to go over everything again – and potentially you have less to put back.

Where to start?

- Don’t let it feel like it’s too huge a task to deal with; breaking them down makes them seem more manageable. - Allow yourself plenty of time and make sure you stick to the jobs you have written down and do them in order. - Work it room by room and try to finish them as much as possible before moving onto the next one. - Prep yourself by getting all the cleaning supplies you’ll need ready including mops, brushes, vacuums, dusters, bin bags etc. - Dress in old, comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. - Have a pen ready to note down any extra jobs you may find as you go along, as well as if there’s anything that needs fixing or replacing. These jobs are ideal to pass onto the Handyman so you have less to worry about! - Take a couple of breaks to reward yourself – these also give you targets if the whole thing feels too big of a job.


- Clean stove top and interior of oven. - Empty cupboards – throw away anything out of date, reorganise & clean cupboards before filling again. - Disinfect interior of microwave & clean. - Empty crumb tray from toaster & clean. - Clean any water containers in coffee machines or filters. - Descale kettle & clean. - Wipe down exterior of large appliances (fridge, freezer etc). - Clean interior of fridge – throw away anything out of date and reorganise. - Clean dishwasher – remove filter & clean, run on a cleaning cycle. - Wipe down cupboard doors, handles, work surfaces, window sill, backsplash/tiles etc. - Wash windows. - Clean sink & fittings – disinfect & leave to soak. - Empty bin and clean/disinfect.

Tip: Protect your sink from waste juices by cleaning your kitchen bin in the bath. Fill it with water and a disinfectant and leave to soak for a while before rinsing and then draining.

Living Room & Dining Room

- Dust lights/ceiling fans. - Wipe down table and chairs. - Dust window frames/sills. - Wash windows. - Remove and wash curtains/netting or clean blinds. - Dust picture frames, surfaces, TV, furniture, lamps etc. - Remove ornaments and books and clean shelves before replacing. - Clean remotes with disinfectant wipes. - Vacuum fabric furniture and wipe down any leather or PU leather furniture. - Wash cushions, cushion covers and throws. - Take rugs outside to be beaten and hung – if they need a deep clean consider hiring carpet/rug cleaners or finding a local company.

Tip: When removing dust from heights such as ceiling fans or tops of bookshelves, hold a bin or bag up and brush the dust into it. It’s less likely to go everywhere and reduces the risk of ending up on you!


- Remove items from desk/surfaces and clean before replacing. - Dust surfaces, handles, computers, accessories, shelves, handles etc. - Disinfect mouse/keyboard/keypads. - Clean chairs. - Clean light fittings. - Dust windowsills and wash windows.

Tip: Shredders help keep confidential information just that but can generate a large amount of paper dust. If possible, line the bin below the shredder with a bag to keep it enclosed – when you need to empty it’s just a case of lifting the bag out instead of risking spreading it everywhere.


- Strip all bedding and wash. - Turn or flip mattress. - Wash curtains or dust blinds. - Clean/dust all furniture. - Clean lamps and light fittings. - Wash pillows. - Clean windowsills and wash windows.

Tip: Clean the mattress by sprinkling baking soda over it and leaving for a couple of hours before vacuuming it off.

Laundry/Utility Room

- Clean any shelving you may have. - Empty and clean any hampers. - Clean exterior of washing machine and dryer. - Clean out dryer vent. - Run a service wash on the washing machine. - Clean seal on both washer and dryer.

Tip: If you don’t have a narrow fitment for the vacuum, pop an old toilet roll on the end and flatten slightly to fit into the dryer vent to remove as much dust and lint as you can.


- Remove everything from the bath, shower, shelves and units. - Clean the shower top to bottom. - Clean toilet inside and out – wipe exterior, disinfect bowl, clean out tank. - Wipe down towel rails. - Wash towels, mats & other linen. - Clean curtains or blinds. - Clean fan/vent. - Clean and polish mirror. - Clean sink and faucets. - Dust/wipe cabinets & reorganise contents. - Wash windowsills and windows.

Tip: Bathrooms – especially small ones – are a breeding ground for mould if not ventilated well. Make sure you use anti-fungal cleaner and regularly to keep it at bay. (Click here to read more on keeping your home mould-free.)

Various Rooms

- Wipe down all handles, light switches and other common surfaces with disinfectant to prevent spread of germs. - Dust coving and skirting. - Disinfect bins if possible. - Vacuum or mop floors. - Test all alarms (smoke/carbon monoxide). - Check and replace lightbulbs where needed. Tip: Carpets are a main source of odours where they’ve trapped dirt and bacteria. Sprinkling baking soda over them and leaving for 15 minutes before vacuuming will help to deodorise them, and mixing some essential oils in with the baking soda before spreading will leave a fresh scent in your home.

We've made you a nice easy checklist you can print for free - click on the image below to download - and don't forget to come back next week when we cover the exterior of your property!

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