The Ultimate Spring Clean Checklist (Part 2 – With Free Printable!)

Following on from our post last week, you’ve tackled the interior of your home (and hopefully it’s still sparkling!) – now it’s time to take on the exterior. The winter months can be hard on properties, with the unreliable weather bringing high winds, heavy rain, frosts and even snow, causing all sorts of issues. Maintaining the exterior of your home, drive and garden means you can resolve any issues that arise and catch potential problems before they become too big. We’ve tried to cover all bases and the list is by no means exhaustive but everyone’s home and garden is so different, if it doesn’t apply you can disregard it!

Where to start?

- Again, dress in old, comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting a little dirty! - Take a couple of breaks to reward yourself – these also give you targets if the whole thing feels too big of a job. - A lot of the bigger jobs can be passed onto The Handyman – our teams of garden maintenance and cleaning services are experienced and it takes a lot of work off your shoulders.


- Pressure wash hard standing drives and paths. - Check fencing for stability issues and rot. - Mow grass. - Prune foliage. - Rake up any dead leaves for mulch. - Rake out pebble beach/stone drives and paths.

Tip: Use a rake with steel tines for removing leaves and twigs as it will require less pressure to do the job and will yield around stones or clumps of dirt.


- Clean windows. - Check window frames for signs of leaking or rotting. - Pressure wash fascias & soffits. - Clean out gutters and downpipes. - Wash guttering. - Pressure wash cladding/weatherboarding. - Check brickwork for damage to pointing. - Clear debris out of air bricks. - Check roofing for slipped or missing tiles.

Tip: Having a mesh guard over your guttering helps to reduce the amount of debris that gets caught in the gutter itself and potential clogging in downpipes.


- Pressure wash paths/patios/decking. - Check fencing for stability issues and rot. - Mow lawn. - Fertilise lawn. - Prune foliage. - Rake up any dead leaves for mulch. - Clean garden furniture. - Refresh water in water features. - Check and clean any solar powered lighting.

Tip: Use a dedicated cleaner for water features which can help remove the build-up of algae.


- Clean out and remove dust, dirt, and cobwebs. - Organise contents. - Check for signs of hibernating animals and block up any holes. - Check locks and hinges and oil if necessary. - Service mower and other tools.

Tip: If you find evidence of mice or rats, clean the shed with a mix of bleach and water before plugging the holes. This will help to remove familiar scents and they are less likely to return.


- Pressure wash/clean garage door(s). - Clean windows. - Pressure wash any weatherboarding/cladding. - Check pointing. - Clean fascia & soffits. - Clean out guttering and downpipes. - Clean guttering itself. - Sweep floor. - Tidy any tools. - Clean car inside and outside.

Tip: Remove oil stains from a garage floor by spreading cat litter over the area and leaving overnight. The litter should absorb most of the oil and then the remaining area can be cleaned using detergent and warm water.


- Clean and maintain hot tub. - Clean and maintain swimming pool. - Clean statuary.

We hope we've covered as much as we can for you to get a good headstart on that spring clean. If you're feeling particular proud, send us some before and after images! And don't forget to download the second checklist by clicking on the image down below. Happy cleaning!

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