1st Hour (minimum charge) 

 (for every 30 minutes thereafter)


Half Day (4 working hours)


Full Day (7 working hours)

(dependent on team required)

Standard Rate

(Charged between the hours of 9am & 5pm)





These prices are exclusive of VAT



Call Out Fee

(for every 30 minutes thereafter a team member is in attendance)


Emergency Out of

Hours Rate

(Charged between the hours of 5pm & 9am)

These prices are exclusive of VAT

The Handyman offers excellent value for money with maximum flexibility and complete reliability. We work to a schedule and all jobs are booked into a diary system.


For longer, more involved jobs you can book either a half-day or a full day or longer if required. The team allocated to your job will be specifically chosen and have professional knowledge and experience in the work to be completed.

The prices above are a general guide; for more accurate pricing including (if required) materials, please contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate. 


- In the first instance, we will provide a free, no-obligation estimate for the works to be completed, and labour prices on estimates are valid for a year. Material costs can fluctuate and as such over time may differ from the original estimate.

- Our minimum charge is £45+VAT. Please note time calculated includes travel to the job.

- Emergency out of hours rate is based on one Handyman team member attending. If further team members and materials are required, there will be additional charges.

- Estimates should not be considered the final amount payable. We will always work as closely to the estimated cost where possible but sometimes circumstances beyond our control means there may be further materials or time required. The office will send out an invoice once the job has been completed which will detail the full amount.

- Payment to be made within 14 days of the invoice being sent out. We accept BACS, card payments (which can be taken securely over the phone) and cash. We no longer accept cheques.

- As a business, we are charged a commercial waste fee. We work with a local licensed waste removal and disposal company, and all waste is disposed of responsibly in accordance with UK legislation. They provide a complete paper trail for these services. If waste is disposed of on your behalf, you may be charged a small fee to contribute towards these costs.

- Please also see our 'Frequently Asked Questions' for further information.